There are Old Voices all around us
in the rock and stone
in the trees and earth
songs in the wind
and whispering wisdoms in the waves

Listen with your heart
All images on this site are property of ELM
with exception to the Night Flight image which is Edmund Dulac's - and a favorite of mine
I hope that you enjoy your visit here and will share it with others ---but please, please, do not take any of my work
thankyou and blessings
throughout this site
the spiral triscale
will link you to the next page
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Please sign my guest book for any comments, or requests about artwork.  For those living in the Kingston Ontario area, delivery of original artwork and purchase can be arranged -
I will answer your email with details.

This is a continual work in progress,
all of my photography and artwork is not
displayed here . . . .
but . . .
I'm getting to it !!!
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My husband's writing . . .
please check out other graphics and sites by ELM
this site has not been updated since about July 2006
I have needed to take a break,
however, I am still singing and doing music and
other things
An experiment in dealing with life; has given birth to a new site . . .click on the mirror to see what I've been up to . . . grant me patience - I've had two cameras die on me!!