The Journey Of Souls - The DreamTime
I have been gifted with dreams and vision.

I believe that the dreamtime gives us the opportunity to walk through the veils of our own limitations and perceptions ; to step out and experience that which is beyond the mundane and linear.
Much like the entire light spectrum; there is so much more than we see; the human eye glimpses but a fraction of available vision - our perception of the world is so limited.
Our "systems" limit us as well.
I have an opinion that this world, as we know it,
has for a very long time counted on us not being as powerful as we can be.
It is the government, religions, the educational and work world,the social systems that divide men and women and destroy cultures.
We are taught that imagination and art is folly.
Saviors and Martyrs are our role models.
If we are be convinced that the self is secondary to serving the "wheel of society" we become instruments rather than individuals. The system (which we have taken part in making) has succeeded in making us "malleable" for it's own purpose; not our own. 
How did this happen?
We have been taught fear.
We have been ingrained with "sin", "selfish", "fit in" "don't rock the boat"
oh - for _____'s  sake don't be strong and follow your own path, you could be burned, punished, drugged, jailed, bombed ----for that.
Don't you dare be different - it will cost you.
In the summer I had a stay at a Sleep Clinic; and I learned something very important. When I was awakened at 6am by my 'guardian' for the night - as he removed my wires, I asked him if I had entered the dreamtime and if he could tell when by the instruments I had been attached to.
Although  I had only slept 4 hours - he said, yes, in fact I had gone into the dreamtime at exactly 3 a.m.
I told him that I always dreamt at 3 a.m. and then again between 6 and 8.
I also told him that if I had to be awakened before then, or if my sleep was disturbed and I couldn't remember my dreams, that I would feel "off" and if this continued for a time I would become easily depressed.

He replied that this is very common among many people, and that in fact; all people have that sleep/dream cycle.
He added, that, unfortuneatly most people get out of bed, usually startled awake by an alarm.
He said that most people are walking around in a weakened state; being dream deprived is more damaging than sleep deprivation.
Get up, and "off to work you go"
Dream deprived.
How sad.
I have learned more about myself and my percepton of the world from my dream time than any therapy I have taken part in.
My dreams have shown me my flaws, weaknesses, fears, and my potentials --- the true power of my soul.
Our dreams may show us our fears - - -but better to know what you must fight. As well - we can be challenged by glimpses of our beautiful potentials - daring us to evolve as individuals.
I have been told that dreams are not important and that I must focus on goals.
I say, we should focus on our dreams and make it our goal to become the amazing empowered individuals that we were born to be.
Let's stop being instruments , and be individuals.
Become incredible; inspire each other with our vast potential. 
Evoke great change.

The world is what you imagine it to be.
spoken by both David Suzuki and James Hubbel
dec 20 2003 - jan 18, 2004 - ELM