Moon Time

the moon calls me
and the river answers
tattooing my legs and feet
seeking the ground
her center, and
The Great River Herself
that feeds and washes us all clean.
As my tears have cleansed my heart
and opened the gates,
the barriers
like a dam, burst and broken
by tears.
A heart free and cleansed
a river of tears that
breaks the damn barriers.
setting me free again
to allow the ebb and tides of the truth in me flow.

I dream of white horses
their coats etched with silvery lacework
shimmering in the wind
they run wild on a bright green hill
the early sunrise splits the sky with white rays
Like a great bright star
and flashing silver horses
awaken me

And I remember
that I am tattooed
by the moon that calls me a woman
and I.
jan 5, 2004 - ELM